Warranty Terms & Conditions

Warranty Terms & Conditions
Vortex Direct warrants that each of its boat covers and bimini tops are made of top quality materials and workmanship and is free from defects at the time of manufacture. This limited warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship only. Multiple warranties on the same purchase are not natural and will not be warrantied more than 1 time as defects are very unusual.

Normal use, weathering and stains from environmental pollution are not covered under this warranty.

This warranty does not cover damage to boat cover, bimini or boat in any form from use of this boat cover or bimini including but not limited to the following acts: misuse, abuse, neglect, improper boat protection, accidents or acts of nature. In case of a warranty defect Vortex Direct will repair or replace, at its discretion the product free of charge provided the customer prepays shipping to the Vortex Direct warranty department.

If minor repairs can return the product to functional use it will be reworked at no charge under warranty conditions.

Damage to covers and bimini tops not covered by warranty:

Tears or rips caused by not padding sharp or obtrusive object Tears or rips caused by improper securing of boat cover to boat and/or trailer during transportation. (Max trailering speed for covers 40mph short distance 7 miles max). Any loose material during trailering is going to damage your cover. Damage to your cover during trailering would not be covered under warranty (This is a trailer at your own risk option. WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER TRAILERING). Failure to use a support system to repel water from your boat cover can and will damage your boat cover if left in weather conditions. Water will gather and cause damage to your cover from the weight.

(Biminis should always be placed in radar/laid down position and in boot when trailering or not in use). Bimini tops should never be left up when not in use. If left up, winds can damage your bimini top and warranty does not cover wind damage. Tears or rips caused by improper use such as but not limited to transporting with the top up and driving the boat with the top up Frame damage from modifying it's original design/structure Allowing water, snow & ice to pool in cover Discoloring or fabric desecration from foreign objects and chemicals (including tree saps, petroleum products, bird and animal droppings etc.) Mold and/or mildew caused by storage of wet product Acts of Nature Warranty Terms: Vortex Direct warrants to the original purchaser of a Vortex Bimini, utilized as a boat lift canopy, when properly installed, will remain in good visual condition for a minimum period of five years, without failure due to excessive fading or rupture, subject to the following terms, provisions and conditions:

A Vortex Bimini or cover shall be deemed to have failed due to excessive fading only in the event that during the first five years (600D)/ seven years (1200D) following the date of shipment from Vortex Direct Products, it should fade to such an extent that it can no longer fulfill it's intended advertising, decorative, or identifying role when viewed from a normal distance. To assist in fading conditions, it is very important to never allow water to stand on the product. Fading is a normal process.

In the event of Vortex Bimini suffering failure as defined in this warranty, during the first three years following the date of shipment, Vortex Direct will supply a duplicate canopy in exchange for the canopy which is deemed to have failed.

In the event of failure during the fourth year (600D)/sixth year (1200D) following the date of shipment, Vortex Direct will supply a replacement canopy at the then prevailing price, less a rebate of 40% of the said price.

In the event of failure during the fifth year (600D)/ seventh year (1200D) following the date of shipment, Vortex Direct will supply a replacement canopy at the then prevailing price, less a rebate of 20% of the said price.

In addition to visual characteristics, a Vortex Bimini is also warranted to meet (within industry accepted tolerances) our stated product specification in effect at the time of purchase. Failure which can be attributed to improper installation of the canopy, or to distortion of the framework upon which the Vortex Bimini is mounted, is not covered by this warranty. No rebate or replacement will be made for any bimini subsequent to the five year period covered by this warranty, or at any time for damage resulting from negligence, vandalism, or chemically induced degradation.

The foregoing constitutes Vortex Direct Products, sole warranty with respect to Vortex Biminis, and all other representation, warranties, guarantees or conditions, be they expressed, implied, and tacit, are hereby excluded. The liability of Vortex Direct Products hereunder is limited to replacement and/or rebate as aforesaid and in no event shall Vortex Direct be liable for consequential or special damages of any type whatsoever.

If for some reason there is a problem, the factory will make every effort to correct the problem. If order is received in error or defective upon arrival the factory will reimburse the freight provided the product is returned immediately upon recognition of error.

Vortex Direct will not accept returns without proper authorization from out company prior to return being sent.

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